• Tales from the Punx

    It can not be said often enough: those who claim that punk is dead, was on the wrong funeral. That proved during the first edition of Tales From The Punx. Punk fans from all over came to Rotterdam, which brought a great atmosphere in a sold Baroeg. With  The Casualties, The Restarts, Funeral dress, TOTAL CHAOS en BLOK 1A. More photo’s […]

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  • Collin van der Sluijs

    Collin is a great artist, his work can be desciribed as personal pleasures and struggles in daily life. Translated in his own visual language. The work from Collin van der Sluijs has been publicated in magazines, books, and shown in galleries and project-spaces or walls in The Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Belgium, The U.S.A, Luxembourg, […]

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  • Mural Berlin

    24-3-2016 ´One Wall´ project by Urban Nation Berlin. Collab between Super-A & Collin van der Sluijs. Last week Super-A and Collin made this collaboration in Berlin for Urban Nation Berlin, for the ´One Wall’project, in the ´Tegel ´ area. The wall is located at Neheimer Strasse 6. Part of the concept of this wall was […]

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