Urban Photo Race

I’m proud to annonce that I’ve won the very first edition of the Urban Photo Race Rotterdam.

What is the Urban Photo Race?

Through the Urban Photo Race we set you up to discover new places and to meet other urban savvy photographers while using your creativity to interpret and translate different themes into photos.

Throughout the day, you are asked to take a set of 18 photos divided in 6 themes (3 photos per theme). These themes will be disclosed along the day at different venues (Checkpoints).

Participants are required to be personally present at every checkpoint so that the UPR team can stamp their UPR ID card. At each checkpoint the participant receives the next themes.

At the end of the day we all gather at the last checkpoint to deliver the photos that you took and selected. After that your job is done, you can sit down with us, enjoy a nice cold beer and tell us all about your day adventures.

I’ve been selected for:

1. Best photographer.
2. Best theme: Harbor.
3. Jury favorite.


Photos: Iwona Montel

Bookstore in Maastricht

Last week i graduated from the Fotovakschool this was my final project for my exams.
It’s about a authentic one of a kind bookstore in Maastricht, most people say its a mess but it an organized mess. You don’t see it immediately but it al sorted by theme and name.
The owner H. Rietveld owns this store for about 7 years now and is still passionate to keep it open 6 days a week. I love to go on a treasure hunt in this store, and I always come back with a nice chat and some lovely LP’s 
The store is located in the Wyckergrachtstraat in Maastricht and definitely worth a visit!







Riots in Rotterdam











Rotterdam after the 3-0 match they lost against Exelsior. If Feyenoord won this play they would be champion in the Netherlands for the first time Since 1999. Now they have one last chance to become champion.

Streets of Maastricht