When the smoke clears.

A photograph series by Patrick Dreuning

I’ve been working on this project for ten weeks, for now this is it but I’l continue this series in the nearby future!

The smoke represents our lives, We will live on until we fade away.
I have chosen for a Hi-key set up so the smoke will be much more effective.

The different colors represent different characteristics.



“Onbedoeld”  (unintentional)

Doel is a 700-year old village in the Flemish polder aside the river Scheldt, north of the port of Antwerp also right next to the nuclear plant. The expanding port threatens the village from the 1970s on. Hereby sacrificing local rural communities and heritage (farms, villages and landscape) to industrial interests in an area of about 15 km2.

Today the destruction of Doel and its polders for the expansion of the harbour is economically not viable. Village and polder are designated as residential and agrarian area with historical value. The government did everything to leave the properties they acquired susceptible to decay and plunder. That gave rise to the argument that ‘polder’ heritage is without worth and can be torn down.

Most of Doel’s former residents have long-since left, but a handful refused to leave and they continue to fight for their home. These days only around 15 people live there, and most of the buildings are boarded up and empty.


Dali Katch

26, 27th of september Collin and Stefan did this great project for Dali Speakers.
The plan was to make a connection between art and music.
The art side suppose to be Collin and Stefan and the music side the Dali speaker.

They decided to make a mural inspired on the artist Rammellzee.

He first was a graffiti writer, but started to make hip-hop music later on.

I provided the product photo’s, “behind the scenes” and the process of the mural, those are going to be used on multiple social media platforms.


Collin van der Sluijs, http://collinvandersluijs.com

Stefan Thelen, http://super-a.nl

First Publication!

I’ve got my first publication!
This French graffiti art magazine from Paris did a interview with Collin,
and they asked me for the pictures.

It’s a great magazine about graffiti,installations and other urban art.
I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved.



Personal project.

It is often said that feral pigeons are a real nuisance, but what exactly are the problems? The standard gripe is that there are too many of them and therefore they need to be controlled. It’s a familiar refrain. The accusation is also levelled at rats, crows, squirrels, and foxes, to name but a few so-called ‘pests’.





Collin van der Sluijs

Collin is a great artist, his work can be desciribed as personal pleasures and struggles in daily life. Translated in his own visual language. The work from Collin van der Sluijs has been publicated in magazines, books, and shown in galleries and project-spaces or walls in The Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Belgium, The U.S.A, Luxembourg, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain.



Mural Berlin

24-3-2016 ´One Wall´

project by Urban Nation Berlin. Collab between Super-A & Collin van der Sluijs.

Last week Super-A and Collin made this collaboration in Berlin for Urban Nation Berlin, for the ´One Wall’project, in the ´Tegel ´ area. The wall is located at Neheimer Strasse 6.

Part of the concept of this wall was based on this fact : the flocks form a tight sphere-like formation as in flight almost like a fish swarm same principle and by frequently expanding and contracting and changing shape without any sort of leader protect each other as a group from attackers. Each starling changes its course and speed as a result of the movement of its neighbor but how and who triggers the change exactly is unclear and yet all support the movements adjust and stay strong together as a unit ….another great Mother Nature concept.