Month: July 2017

  • Tales from the Punx 2017

    Just like 2016 I Photographed Tales From The Punx. Punk fans from all over came to Rotterdam, in a sold-out Baroeg. Bands: Forbidden Wizzards(NL), Call the cops(IT), Breakout(FR), Die nakse bananen(NL), Acidez(MX) , Disturbance(NL), and G.B.H.(UK)                                                        […]

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  • Bookstore in Maastricht

    Last week i graduated from the Fotovakschool this was my final project for my exams. It’s about a authentic one of a kind bookstore in Maastricht, most people say its a mess but it an organized mess. You don’t see it immediately but it al sorted by theme and name. The owner H. Rietveld owns […]

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  • Riots in Rotterdam

                        Rotterdam after the 3-0 match they lost against Exelsior. If Feyenoord won this play they would be champion in the Netherlands for the first time Since 1999. Now they have one last chance to become champion.

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